Thirst Quenchers

Happy Fourth of July! I have a fun-filled day planned of eating my way through Brooklyn with out-of-town visitors that I hope culminates with a view of the East River fireworks in New York City. No matter where your holiday plans may take you, staying hydrated is key to having a good time. Check for dehydration by pinching and holding the skin on the back of your hand for three seconds and release. If the ridge remains for more than a second, time to drink up. Here are the ABCs of refreshing water alternatives that do the trick:

  • Aloha—If you’re looking for more nutritious oomph with each sip, mix a packet of one of three flavors of Aloha Daily Good with water. More on this organic option here.
  • Bai—Made with the antioxidant-rich coffee fruit (the outside of the coffee bean, the juicy red protector is a free-radical fighting powerhouse that delivers refreshing, pure fruit flavor. At only five calories per serving and delicious flavors, including Malawi Mango, Ipanema Pomegranate, Panama Peach, and more, there's no reason not to sip away.
  • Coconut water—High in potassium, it provides the body much-needed electrolytes to replenish after a workout or spending time in sun. Keep in mind raw versions contain more nutrients than heat-pasteurized.
  • Suja—Cold-pressed organic juices, tea, and smoothies provide an easy way to stay hydrated and get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

Hope everyone has a happy, hydrated holiday!