Travel-Season Skincare

I’m sticking close to home for the holidays in hopes of starting new local traditions this year. But most of your clients have some travel planned for the upcoming month and, as a result, their skin will need serious TLC to recover. AAA estimates that more than 40 million Americans traveled for Thanksgiving alone. Here are a few treatments clients will need to look their best at home and on the road.

  1. The air on a plane dehydrates skin so encourage clients to book a moisturizing facial and select rich creams to increase hydration before and after a trip. According to Diana Howard, Ph.D., International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica vice president of research and development, the in-flight environment is drier than the Sahara desert.
  2. Jet lag or any sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on skin, especially the delicate eye area. The blood vessels tend to dilate more and the skin is further dehydrating. Many spas have introduced treatments to alleviate jetlag and help clients adjust to a new climate.
  3. Vacations often include tempting junk food and more drinking. To combat the ill effects and keep skin clear, encourage them to load up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish with a healthy spa café menu.

What treatments does your spa offer to help clients brave the travel-heavy month of December?