Treat Therapists Like Athletes

massage therapist stretches help wellnessLooking out for the health and wellbeing of clients is naturally your number one priority. At the same time, your spa staff could use some attention too. Therapists’ days are physically demanding, and without proper care, can start to take its toll. Simple routine changes, like incorporating stretching, hand exercises, and warming up, can ease the aches and pains that may arise from hard work helping clients relax and feel well. CIDESCO is taking on this issue and lobbying for better regulation of maximum treatments per day and encouraging training on warm up and cool down exercises for therapists. “Just as athletes prepare their body for sport, therapists should warm up their own muscles prior to commencing work each day and cool down at the end of the day to prevent workplace injury,” says Narelle Blinman, director of education. “This should be taught as part of their training, but the onus is on therapists to ensure they continue to do these exercises throughout their career.” Here are a few tips to share with your therapists now:

  • maintaining good posture
  • abdominal and back strengthening
  • full body stretches with a focus on the hamstrings, calf muscles, back and neck
  • circling and rolling exercises of the shoulders and neck
  • specific hand, finger, and wrist strengthening exercises

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