What to Know from Yoga in America Study

If my Instagram feed is any indication, yoga is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds (or carefully balanced poses as the case may be). The Yoga in America Study sponsored by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance confirms it. The extensive research released earlier this year contains so much useful info about yoga, yogis, and what trends are here to stay. It can be a bit overwhelming, so we pulled out a few key stats that can help your spa's yoga classes thrive. The number of yoga practitioners has nearly doubled in the last four years up to 36.7 million, and those peaceful people are spending big bucks (nearly $17 billion) to keep up their habit. Men and older Americans are groups with the most significant growth, and one-third of Americans say they are likely to try yoga in the next year. 

So what can your spa do to get these aspiring yogis into your classes? According to the study; cost, convenience, and quality are key differentiators for potential students when selecting a studio. There is a growing pool of instructors for your spa to tap into too; there are two people interested in becoming a teacher for every current teacher. It's also beneficial to diversify your offerings; more than half of yoga studios generate revenue from offering other types of fitness and wellness services and accessories.

yoga in america study