Yoga Meets Hip Hop in Aspen

Kimpton Hotels Sky Hotel yogaI remember my first yoga class. My mom and I went together, wanting to try something new. The rest of the class started chanting and saying “ohm” and the urge to laugh took all of my concentration away. After a while, I got used to it and even chanted along. But I understand that some aspects of yoga, such as chanting, may not be for everyone, even if they love the benefits yoga provides.

With that in mind, Sky Hotel (Aspen, CO) is now offering a “Thug Yoga” class, designed for those yogis more interested in combining downward dogs with hip-hop and booze. The idea for this program started in 2012, with classes twice a week at a snowboard shop. The instructors would play hip-hop instead of traditional yoga music, and made up new names for traditional yoga poses, like Money Shot (upavishtha konasana), Snoop Downward Dog, Biggie (savasana), and Brazilian Landscape Inspection (happy baby). The program grew and is being continued in honor of National Yoga Month. Classes are now offered this September in Aspen’s chic and sophisticated slopeside hotspot, providing yogis with a breathtaking mountain view while sipping a beer from Aspen Brewing Co. “Thug Yoga” is open to guests of the hotel as well as visitors every Saturday morning for $10 a person, giving them access to the class and one pint of beer. The hotel caters to yoga enthusiasts year-round with mats in every room and in-room spa services also available.

How is your spa enhancing yoga offerings for National Yoga Month? Need inspiration to up the ante on your practice, check out creative yoga offerings.