Healthy Living Boomer Expert To Host Costa Rica Retreat

Baby Boomers are blowing the lid off the concept of what it'S like to grow old. With so many professional and personal opportunities to explore and expand, Boomer women are reshaping what middle age looks and feels like. For many, 50 feels more like the Indy 500. But somewhere, at some point, before they blow an engine, women have to get off the fast track to refuel, refocus, and then get back on course.

Joyce Dillon, R.N., M.N., owner of Healthy Living and Balance and a Boomer expert, is like the crew captain who ensures you are properly tuned up, balanced and fueled to stay ahead of the game.

Baby Boomer women, in particular, are making major transitions in their careers, relationships, health concerns, and lifestyles and they have no intention to slow down and grow old. Fifty is the new fifty, so these women keep packing on the responsibilities and the adventures with aplomb, Dillon says. Yet few have the kinds of support they need to make transitions with clarity and joy rather than stress.

She offers women that much-needed support and the benefit of her lifelong transformative teaching experience as host of The Awaken to Life Empowerment Retreat, February 22-28, 2008 at the El Cafetal Inn, in Atenas, Costa Rica. The package includes all retreat activities, accommodations for seven days and seven nights at El Cafetal Inn, admission to all afternoon activities, all breakfasts and three dinners at El Cafetal Inn, and transportation to and from the airport and retreat activities.

Dillon adds, 'women have claimed a high degree of power and, along with its advantages, we find our days and nights packed with responsibilities. Few women can find the time and privacy to go within and reconnect to what's truly meaningful for them. The Awaken to Life Empowerment Retreat is designed especially for such women, to help them relax, refocus, rejuvenate and recommit to the incredible life path that is possible for all of us with just a little help,' she says.

Though relaxing, the retreat promises a challenging and supportive program, including structured group activities on clarifying what you want for your life, preparing for the changes you seek, sharing your meaningful life stories, awakening your inner awareness, and creating a blueprint for the next steps in your life.

Retreat participant, Pam Cook, says, 'The best part for me was becoming part of a group of women that accepted, listened and supported me to live my authentic life.'

'The advantages of our retreat over a local workshop are immense,' says Dillon, 'starting with the essential element of separating from day-to-day responsibilities long enough, and getting the right kinds of support and coaching, to go deeply within, truly relax, and reconnect with what really matters.

Dillon, a master's prepared nurse, certified life and wellness coach, and transformative educator, brings twenty-five years of clinical experience and extensive training in mind-body medicine, meditation, energy medicine and transformational work. She dedicates her life to helping individuals and groups live a more empowered, healthy and conscious life. She has worked with individuals and organizations, including such major organizations as Kellogg, Subaru, Protein Technology, and The Carter Presidential Center.

Founded in 1998 by Dillon, the company Healthy Living and Balance: A Center for Conscious Living, offers a full-range of preventive, wellness and life enhancement programs, and courses and private sessions that promote health, healing and inner balance. The Healthy Living and Balance wellness approach is based on holistic, mind-body principles of change that combine the wisdom of ancient traditions with western contemporary medical approaches to address the totality of a person's body, mind and spirit.

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