High Growth Rates in the European Spa Sector to Continue

Growth rates in the spa market are much higher than in traditional and long established beauty and hair salons. Indeed the positive trends in the spa market contrast with the generally stagnant salon markets in many countries. Spa treatments meet a demand that was not satisfied in more traditional business models and spas are multiplying in number across Europe, the US and Asia

The spa concept is a relatively recent development in the professional beauty services channel. Spa packages the traditional beauty salon menu, (skin care, manicures, depilation, makeup), alongside other treatments (anti-stress, massages) to enhance wellbeing or wellness. Spas are merely a further step in the decade-long trend towards 'total beauty' or 'head to toe' businesses. Spas offer 'total beauty' in that they provide a wider range of services than is on offer in traditional beauty and hair salons.

Confusion between old and new meanings of the spa term is compounded because in recent years the term 'spa' is used to describe a very wide range of beauty businesses. The wide use indicates that the term is seen positively with many businesses eager to associate themselves with spas. However, this wide use renders the term meaningless. Spa can be used to describe anything from a luxury destination resort that offers everything from aromatherapy to Zen to a nail salon providing a basic manicure. While not all spas are spas, equally there are many established salons, fitness clubs and others which — although not called spas - combine beauty and wellness treatments and are riding the spa wave.

In this newly published report, the European Spa Market 2007, Diagonal Reports argues that spas are shaping a new concept of beauty because they have blurred traditional distinctions between beauty, well-being, and health. It forecasts continued strong growth for this 25,000 day- and stay- spa strong sector in five EU markets.

As the spa sector develops, the emerging "spa" market will include further variations on the spa concept, both in terms of facility type, and the treatments offered. Emerging spa concepts will cover medspas and spas in hospitals, dental practices, airport and department store spas.

This market shift towards 'total beauty' has implications for the entire personal care and cosmetics market. As some traditional salons would not recognise this change in consumer behaviour and have seen sales stagnate, likewise, beauty product formulators, who do not adapt, may also find that their market considerably reduced.

Countries: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK

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