Hilton Hotel Reveals Global Spa Trends Report

Outlining insights from a collection of industry experts, the “Emerging Global Spa Trends” Hilton Blue Paper focused on a variety of topics and revealed interesting statistics. The paper noted the generational impact of the modern guest, who is more enlightened about the overall experience, as well as identified spa behavior and motivation based on generation. It also focused on the significance of business travelers. Dave Horton, global head, Hilton Hotels & Resorts explains, “Spa is a key differentiator for us within both the leisure and business travel segments today. This new research emphasized the importance of spas in the decision to book a hotel stay." The report found that nearly 50-percent of respondents said the existence of a spa was an important factor in selecting a hotel, particularly for Chinese and Australian guests. In this ever-connected global world, these differences are important because, as Tyra Lowman, senior director, global spa, Hilton Worldwide says, “A successful spa concept on a global scale is one that offers reliable services across its portfolio while respecting regional differences by providing locally influenced treatments and services.”