Home Spa Trend Here To Stay

Some spa-goers and many potential spa-goers are opting to stay home rather than venture to the spa for treatments. Spas must count among their competition their own clients, who may opt to buy products and take the spa experience home with them.

The down-turned economy, concern for sanitation, and the proliferation of professional quality 'home' spa products are just some of the reasons this trend is here to stay. In addition, many feel a loss of intimacy in many of the mega-spas. This feeling leads to intimidation and the need to seek comfort and safety in the familiar.

The 'know-how' consumers need to self-deliver spa treatments has become as easy to find as Amazon.com. 'The Spa Deck,' by Barbara Close, 'The Spa Life At Home,' by Margaret Pierpont and Diane Tegmeyer, 'Weekend Home Spa,' by Linda Bird, 'The Home Spa,' by Carol Endler Sterbenz, 'Natural Home Spa,' by Sian Rees, and 'Home Spa,' by Chrissie Painell, are just a few of the books giving recipes and treatment insights. Consumers can gain knowledge on everything a spa has to offer, from breathing techniques for stress management, to nutrition tips, to home made facial masks and foot baths.

Spas should focus on three areas to keep new and returning clients coming through the door: education, the spa environment, and retail sales.

Become your clients' best source of quality education on spa-related subjects such as anti-aging, skincare, fitness, and nutrition. Position your spa as the safe port in the storm of confusing and conflicting information your clients receive on a daily basis.

The design of your facility is another crucial aspect of client attraction and retention. A spa is a complex integration of sights, sounds, and smells that can't be easily replicated. A day at the spa is a small indulgence if it is a vacation--however short the period of time.

Lastly, boost up your retail sales to a minimum of 25% of your total revenues. The products used in your spa treatments should be available for purchase, as well as a range of complementary products. Items such as candles, robes, and books allows your clients to recreate a mini spa experience at home to supplement their spa visits. Consider private label so your clients will constantly be reminded of your spa.