Honorable Treatments

It's no news that a holiday weekend is nearly upon us, and with it a busy schedule filled with many clients visiting your spa to relax. Some spas are reaching out and offering special treatments for current and former military personnel through Memorial Day. Spa L'Auberge (Del Mar, CA) is honoring military who book any 50-minute treatment with a complimentary "add on" from a number of options:

  • Bright Eye Treatment (25 minutes): Focuses on firming fine lines and reducing puffiness under the eye, leaving you refreshed and bright-eyed.
  • NuFace Instant Face Lift (25 minutes): Instant youth is the result of this add-on. By using micro-currents the muscle and skin tissue is instantly lifted for a more youthful look.
  • Cocoa Butter Application: Rich, aromatic cocoa butter provides extra moisture to the skin leaving the body deeply hydrated.
  • Tension Relieving Scalp Massage with Hair Conditioning Mask (25 minutes): Relax with a tension relieving scalp massage followed by a deeply hydrating hair repair mask that leaves the hair silky soft.
  • Foot Surge (25 minutes): A massage using specialized techniques that will give tense and tired feet an uplifting renewal.

What does your spa have on the menu for Memorial Day to bring in vacationing visitors?