Expect to see more expecting couples frequenting spas and resorts. The Wall Street Journal reports that couples preparing to have their first child are vacationing in droves—even warranting their own buzz words: the 'babymoon' or the 'last hurrah.'

After noticing an increase in the number of pregnant women frequenting their properties, hoteliers are designing packages to attract them. The Five Gables Inn & Spa in St. Michaels, Md., created a two-night 'Bundle of Joy' package, and the Planters Inn in Charleston, S.C., launched a three-night, 'Baby's on the Way' package, which includes a gift of pickles, a cigar and cognac.

The increase in pregnant travelers is in part due to changing demographics of parenthood. Women are waiting longer to have children, and therefore have more disposable income. A poll at, found that 88% of the 6,787 women surveyed planned to take a last hurrah with their partners before their baby arrives.

Spas must pay special attention to the needs of pregnant women. Hot baths are out, as are most essential oils. Product companies have been designing products and treatments that cater to this market, such as Aromatherapy Associates "Mother To Be" Body Booster.

Understanding the contraindications for treating pregnant women and having standardized pregnancy protocols is key to serving this growing market (no pun intended!)