Host a Fabulous Event

I will rarely turn down an opportunity to play hostess. The reason for the gathering doesn’t matter, as long as it includes friends and food I’m there. Hosting events can help boost business at your spa as well and many locations are finding ever more creative reasons to send out invitations. Here are a few tips from John Treadwell, founder of Fabulous Face Presents, to make your next event truly fabulous.

  • Partner with local businesses as co-hosts. A fabulous event creates new clients that do not know you already exist. Go through your database to identify any possible patients/clients that may own or work in a business whom you could partner with.  
  • Include a call-to-action in the invitation. This may come in the form of discount pricing, a raffle, or door prizes. Request that guests RSVP and schedule such services to reserve their valuable spot.Also, raffles allow hosts to easily collect guests’ information.
  • Send a thoughtful follow up. After the event send everyone who attended a handwritten card, thanking them for attending and include yet another call-to-action offer to encourage them to return.

What works for your spa's events?