Getting fit, losing weight, eating well and managing stress are among today's critical health issues. Spa-goers are struggling to find workable, one-stop shopping solutions to these health and wellness issues.

People want to be healthy and to live a quality lifestyle. So where are consumers going for wellness information, products and services? According to the National Health, Wellness and Prevention Congress, consumers are getting direct healthcare information from spas, fitness centers and their workplace. Providing spa-goers with wellness information to meet their health challenges is a tremendous new profit opportunity for both destination and day spas.

One of the best ways to promote wellness and to build your business is to offer health and wellness coaching at your spa.

According to Cheryl Richardson, possibly America's most well-known (Oprah) superstar coach, health coaching and working in partnership with spas, physicians, clinics, and wellness programs, is a major trend for the 21st Century.

Research from Duke University's wellness program reveals that health and wellness coaching on the phone or one-on-one is highly effective in creating healthy lifestyle changes and meeting personal and professional goals.

Health and Wellness coaches support clients in creating a personal wellness plan and achieving specific goals such as weight loss or stress reduction. Health coaching may also include life coaching, health education, referrals or support for chronic illness.

Coaches also recommend other beneficial lifestyle services such as massage, bodywork, meditation, yoga and products such as supplements, vitamins and detoxification.

Bottom line, if you are interested in promoting health and wellness in conjunction with your spa, adding health coaching to your services is a natural fit. Coaching can help build your business by keeping clients in your spa for longer periods of time and by recommending additional products and services. Health and wellness coaching can be a win-win solution for both the health coach and your spa!

Joyce Dillon, RN, MN Life and Health Coach, Trainer and Wellness Practitioner