How Twitter Can Help Your Massage Practice

We all know that many elements of our society are dominated by social media and technology, but is your business using every possible aspect of social media to its advantage? Many spas are missing a presence on Twitter, which is one of the most successful social media sites. Because of this, many spas are loosing customers to their Twitter competitors. Don’t see how Twitter can help your spa? According to E. Richard, there are three big ways Twitter can help your massage practice :

You can promote discounts and packages. Tweeting is free advertising, and a surefire way to get people to see what your business is up to.

Get referrals. One word: Retweets! Your page can become available to hundreds of new people each day when your fans retweet your message to their own followers.

Communicate with your customers. Establish a relationship through twitter with customers who are already loyal. They're interested in what your business is doing, and Twitter is the easiest way to share news with them.

Does your spa have a Twitter account? What do you use it for?