HydroMassage Offers Free Massages During Tax Week

It’s crunch time for thousands of taxpayers (yes, I’ll admit, mine are not quite finished yet either). To provide a bit of stress relief to procrastinators like me, hundreds of fitness centers, chiropractors, spas, and tanning salons nationwide are teaming up to provide free HydroMassage sessions during tax week. This marks the 5th year HydroMassage owners have opened their doors to provide free massages during tax season. "We never predicted this to take off like it did over the past several years; the response has really been overwhelming," says HydroMassage president Paul Lunter. "We're glad to do it because we know how grateful people are for a little stress relief during this time of year."

To find the nearest free HydroMassage location and to download and print a free massage coupon, visit www.hydromassage.com/taxday. Are you doing anything to offer relief to stressed out taxpayers? Share your strategies here.