I just bought my Pink Gloves for the Cure, will you?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and spa companies across the US are doing their part for the Cure. One of the best ways to give back this month (and all year round) is the Pink Glove Campaign. Developed by Universal Companies founder and Chairman Marti Morenings, the campaign has already donated over $85,000.00 to the City of Hope Cancer Research Center. The “Pink Glove” is a nationally-recognized charity, and has gone “viral” on the web. (Check out the “Pink Glove Dance” video on YouTube)

100% of the profits from Pink Gloves are donated to City of Hope. For every box of Pink Gloves that sells ($9.99 per box of 100 gloves), $5.50 is donated). This is important for me, as the “pink ribbon” campaigns often become more about marketing than charity. (There is even a “Think Before You Pink” campaign by Breast Cancer Action that polices “pinkwashing” and calls for more accountability by companies that take part in breast cancer fundraising)

The uses for The Pink Gloves around the house are endless! Disposable vinyl gloves are great for home uses such as cleaning the kitchen, gardening, car washing, and applying self-tanners and hair color. Above all, I feel good knowing that my purchase of pink gloves are directly helping to find a cure for cancer. 

I’m honored to help Marti with this cause, as it is close to her heart--three Universal employees are currently undergoing chemo therapy for cancer, and Marti lost her mother to breast cancer. Please help promote this wonderful campaign by purchasing a box—or several boxes--of pink gloves for your family and friends.  They make great gifts, and if you purchase 5 or more boxes, the shipping is free!  All you have to do is visit http://www.thepinkglove.com/. Please forward this information to your network of friends and acquaintances and share with your Facebook friends.