Icy volcano leaves us in hot water

What's better than a soak in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? Aaahh....now that's Spaaah.  But now that Mount Eyjafjallajokull has split open, the spa delegates at SpaTec EU 2010 are stranded in Split (Croatia that is, not Iceland).   For those of you who don't stay on top of European news, the ash from Iceland’s erupting volcano has shut down European airports for two days now, with some airlines saying they would cancel flights to and from northern Europe until at least Monday.  Even if the dust clears enough for flights to resume, the backlog of cancellations both in and out of the UK and other parts of Europe are predicted to cause chaos. So, here we are on the dreamy Adriatic Sea with no where to go.

This didn't stop the last round of meetings, vendor presentations and final party night for the SpaTec EU delegates.  After all, there are deals to be made and connections to secure, so we certainly won't let a volcano stop spa commerce.  All in all, it was a great event with everyone commenting on how smoothly things went, how good the food was, and how amazing the participant interaction was,  not to mention the spectacular location.  As my last comments from this fabulous part of the world....don't ever let a volcano stop you!