Immune Boosting Salt Treatments

Saltability hot stone massage at Chuan Spa

saltability hot stone massage at Chuan SpaNobody has time to deal with a pesky cold or flu. That’s why it’s so important to arm yourself and your clients with healthy immune systems to battle the looming cold and flu season. For spa-goers looking to boost their immune systems, halotherapy is a smart choice. Crystal salt therapy can help prevent respiratory viruses such as the common cold and flu, and also vastly improves skin conditions, strengthening the body’s entire immune system. As the Himalayan salts are inhaled, the sinus and respiratory tract absorb moisture, cleansing and clearing the body of bacteria. The Langham, Chicago’s Chuan Spa offers two salty solutions—Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage (starting at $200, 50 minutes; $285, 80 minutes) and Sauna services. An added bonus is fresh and glowing skin from head to toe thanks to cleansing effects of the salt.

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