Behind the Brand: Fur Professionals

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of bare to full, Fur makes clean products that hydrate skin, soften hair, and eradicate ingrowns from head to toe.

Q: How would you describe your company’s philosophy?

A: Fur is about the freedom of choice and the beauty of individuality—and that every inch of your body deserves equal and easy care.

Q: How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?

A: In 2014, body hair products were solely focused on removal, with harsh ingredients and unsophisticated packaging. Our thoughtfully designed, facial-grade product line elevates every grooming routine into a self-care ritual.

Q: How does your company strive to be eco-friendly?

A: We will continue to make responsible, ethical choices around our production, minimize waste wherever possible, and always keep an eye on the future and advances in sustainable technology.

Q: How is the company helping the industry move forward?

A: Before Fur, body hair wasn’t seen as worthy of thoughtfully designed products. We proved that the hair you have below the neck is as deserving of care as the hair on your head.

"We create effective, simple, clean, and inclusive products for the whole body, including places you used to only whisper about.”
Laura Schubert, CEO and Co-Founder and Lillian Tung, CMO and Co-Founder


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