Powerful Protocols: LaFlore Live Probiotic Signature Facial

“What makes the LaFlore® Signature Live Probiotic Facial so powerful is that it provides a boost of beneficial LIVE and active bacteria to the skin which encourages it to produce the exact properties it needs to mend and thrive naturally. This can range from collagen, elastin, AHA, PHA, BHA, antimicrobial peptides, amino acids, micronutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, ceramides and more. What makes it special is how it nourishes the skin leaving it radiant and even toned!”

-Emily Stutzman, In-House Esthetician at LaFlore® Live Probiotic Skincare

A powerful combination of natural ingredients paired with LIVE probiotics that will help to exfoliate, hydrate, and strengthen your guests’ skin as they indulge in the sensorial experience of LaFlore®.

Step 1: Pre-Cleanse
Use 2-3 pumps of LaFlore Enzymatic Cleanser and massage into face, neck, and décolletage.

Step 2: Cleanse
Emulsify with 1 pump of Enzymatic Cleanser with an equal amount of water. Apply and massage into the skin for 90 seconds. Remove cleanser with warm, damp towel.

Step 3: Masque
Add 1 tablespoon of Hydrating Masque & mix 1 dropper of Live Probiotic Booster. Apply mixture to the face, neck, and décolletage. Let sit on skin for 10-15 minutes. Apply additional product if masque becomes clear. Use warm, damp towel to remove.

Step 4: Massage
Mix 1 pump of Live Probiotic Concentrated Serum with Longevity Concentrate and perform a 10-minute facial massage. This will help neutralize any remaining surface bacteria, reduce redness, & soothe residual inflammation. To remove, apply a damp, warm towel, and massage as you wipe away excess.

Step 5: Moisturize

Evenly distribute Daily Defense Moisturizer onto the skin. Apply 1 drop of Eye Cream Complex to ring fingers & gently massage under the eyes.


Using a blend of plant-based ingredients and a combination of LIVE probiotics, prebiotics, and probiotic extracts, LaFlore helps nourish, replenish, and balance the skin's microbiome. Unique time-release formulations allow the probiotics to be touch activated, so they don't require refrigeration. This innovative line provides optimum skin health for all ages and skin types - dermatologist approved, certified cruelty-free by PETA.