Diverse Populations Helped Tennis Participation Growth in 2022

Tennis participation increased by 1 million players in 2022, and much of that growth can be attributed to a surge in participation by more diverse populations by ethnicity and age, according to a study by the Physical Activity Council Study on Sports and Physical Activity (PAC) administered by Sports Marketing Surveys USA and the Tennis Industry Association Participation and Engagement Study (PES).

Thirty-eight percent of the U.S. tennis-playing population in 2022 was comprised of people of color, compared to 32.5 percent in 2019.

The Hispanic community had the most growth in tennis participation. During the past three years, this community’s participation grew by 90 percent, and in 2022, 3.8 million Hispanic people played tennis.

In 2022, 2.3 million Black Americans played tennis, and during the past three years, participation from this community increased by 46 percent.

For the Asian/Pacific Islander community, participation increased by 37 percent during the last three years with 2.4 million Asians/Pacific Islanders playing tennis in 2022.

U.S. tennis participation also diversified by age. One million more players aged 55 and older played tennis in 2022, which was 17 percent more than in 2021. Viewed over the past five years, growth in this age range has been 94 percent since 2017.

Tennis participation for people aged 6-17 years old actually decreased in 2022, although it had grown from 4.6 million people in 2019 to 6.9 million in 2021.

More than 23.6 million Americans play tennis, making it still the racquet sport played by the most people, even pickleball, which is growing but still only counted 8.9 million participants in 2022 while badminton had 6.5 million, racquetball had 3.5 million and squash had 1.2 million participants.