The smartest spa industry entrepreneurs are doing more than vying for a share of the current spa market; they are helping to grow the spa industry.

Three salon/spa companies Zano Salons & Day Spas, Frank Gironda Salons & Day Spas, and Michael Anthony SalonSpas, put funds together to bring in author and retail/merchandising expert Carol Phillips for a day of retail training. After Phillips presentation "Sales Killers and Sales Builders" presentation, the owner's of the three companies announced a retail competition with a winner-take-all $1,500 prize.

The prize went to Frank Gironda, the company that posted a 50% increase in average retail sales over a 21 day period. By measuring the increase in sales rather than the retail revenues, each company could compete on an equal playing field. The companies' nine distributors offered special deals on products to jump-start the competition.

Zano owners Denise and Ron Provenzano state, "Our staff really enjoyed being in the company of the other salons. They realized that as salon professionals, they all have common issues and similar experiences. By sharing information, everything learned something. In our industry, it's all about making the pie bigger so we all get a piece."

Spa Finder, the industry's top travel and media company, has made a huge investment in "growing the pie" through its Partner Program. The program is the brainchild of CEO Pete Ellis and his wife Susie Ellis, VP of Industry Development. The primary goal of the program is to grow the pool of spa-goers by enlisting day spas as gatekeepers of spa travel.

As founder online car-buying company Autobytel, Pete Ellis knows about growing markets. Autobytel, the 7th largest generator of car sales in the U.S. (behind the likes of GM, Ford, etc.) was built on forging strategic relationships and providing car distributors with tools to take their businesses online.

The Spa Finder Partner Program promotes spa travel through the day spas by offering them commissions on spa travel, marketing opportunities, networking, and education. The Company also operates Spa Finder Partner Retreats for spa owners and managers, and will introduce their first therapist retreat at Red Mountain Spa in November.

"The Partner Program is raising the level of consumer knowledge while improving the business literacy of the spa industry," says program director Nancy Griffin. "By enabling the day spas to be 'spa travel ambassadors', Spa Finder will expand the pool of committed spa-goers. This growth is crucial to the survival of the entire industry."

For information on the Spa Finder Partner Program, contact Anjeli Sharma, Day Spa Account Executive, at 212.924.6800 ext 223 or email