Intelligent Spas' Global Spa Benchmark Program Underway in Over 60 Countries

Intelligent Spas is rolling out the first Global Spa Benchmark Program to provide a range of consistent key performance indicators comparable across the entire spa industry. Surveys are now underway in over 60 countries after expanding on the success of its spa industry research conducted across the greater Asia Pacific region since 2001.

'Spa benchmarks empower spas to immediately identify their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve'

Julie Garrow, Managing Director, Intelligent Spas

Sharing confidential data can be a very daunting thought so Intelligent Spas has specifically developed an ideal 'win-win' Spa Benchmarking Program which ensures absolute confidentiality whilst providing spa owners and managers with the most reliable and important business analysis data they can possibly obtain.

"Spa benchmarks empower spas to immediately identify their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve, by simply comparing their spa's performance against the local industry's performance" explained Julie Garrow, Managing Director of 100% independent research company Intelligent Spas ( "Such benchmarking practices enable spas to become and remain competitive, whilst maximising profitability."

Survey respondents receive a free "Participants Only" Report which presents the full survey results plus extra benchmarking tables not available for sale.

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To learn more about spa industry benchmarking, visit and request the free educational guide entitled Using Spa Industry Benchmarks For Success.

About Intelligent Spas

Intelligent Spas is the only 100% independent research company specialising in the spa industry. Founded in Singapore in 2001, it has pioneered spa industry research in the greater Asia Pacific region and continues to publish a range of Spa Operations Manuals, Spa Consumer Surveys and Spa Industry Surveys to assist the performance and growth of this important industry