International Dermal Institute Celebrates Three Decades of Professional Skincare Education

The International Dermal Institute, founded in 1983 by Dermalogica’s Jane Wurwand, celebrated its 30 anniversary of professional skincare education. In a global online event, Wurwind addressed an at-capacity crowd at the brand’s headquarters in Carlsbad on the subject of the healing power of human touch.  IDI,  known for its rigorous graduate skin and body therapy curriculum, has 38 postgraduate training centers and 45 affiliates worldwide. It also oversees the research and product development of the Dermalogica skin care line. Since its inception, IDI has served as a ‘home’ to skin care professionals, according to Diana Howard, Ph.D., vice president of global education and research and development. “It’s a constant, recognizable place where students can be empowered to strive toward limitless personal and professional possibilities, and reignite their passion for skin care with every technique, ingredient and lesson learned.” 

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