Karlsbad 2001: "King of Spas"

Prof. Dr. J. Paul De Vierville, Director, Alamo Plaza Spa, San Antonio, Texas, has expanded his KUR SPA COURSES in Europe. Karlsbad 2001: 'King of Spas' takes place in Marienbad, Jáchymov Spas & Prague, Czech Republic
May 13th - May 27th, 2001
International Training Institute & Studies in
Interdisciplinary Spa Programs, Activities & Services is a two-week intensive, yet relaxing, Classical Kur Spa Experience is for persons interested in destination, resort, amenity, day, adventure, clinical &/or medical Spas that include massage, bodywork, fitness, aesthetics, nutrition, nursing, mindbody and other wellness, preventative, complementary, alternative, and medical health care spa services.

An international expert faculty offers a world-class interdisciplinary professional training program (in English) through lectures, seminars, and demonstrations as well as participants receive first-hand experience through daily spa treatments. Content is built around the TEN DOMAINS and based upon accepted integrated scientific theories and integrated practices including:

1. Taking-the-Waters: Baths, Hydrotherapies & Aquatics
2. Foods: Nutrition & Diets
3. Movement: Exercise, Fitness & Kinesiotherapies
4. Body Work: Massage, Accupressure & Touch
5. Mind/Body: Spa Psychologies & Meditation
6. Natural Therapeutic Agents: Aesthetics, Skin & Phytotherapies
7. Environments: Climates, Seasons & Ecologies
8. Social and Cultural: Leisure, Recreation, Tourism & the Arts
9. Management: Operations, Marketing & Communications
10. Time-Space-Energy: Rhythms, Lifestyle Patterns & Kurs

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THE KUR SPA COURSE: Karlsbad 2001
Prof. Jonathan Paul De Vierville,
Alamo Plaza Spa at the Menger Hotel
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Phone: 210-223-5772
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e-mail: [email protected]
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