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Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza Introduces Clinic for Colon Clean SystemTM

All day long the stomach tells your head stories

Ask a person where feelings and health, emotion and intuition, well-being and suffering can best be found and you will find that, regardless of origin or culture, they point to the centre of their body. Indeed, new scientific investigations call the intestine the 'second brain'. Neurogastroenterologists have discovered that the intestine can be understood more or less as an image of the brain; cell types, receptors, agents are the same. It is a self-sufficient system, which functions without input from the brain, and as producer of vital enzymes and hormones it is also the centre of well-being and health, central interchange for the body's entire metabolism.

Decisions 'on a hunch', in german 'from the belly' — to decide intuitively is much easier when the centre of our organism is healthy and functioning.

Center of the senses

Although or maybe because we are highly developed, we have displaced and forgotten the meaning of this realm of the centre. We need to re-learn how to live in harmony with nature and with our own body.

Over 40% of the population,a percentage that rises with age, experience problems with the digestive organs, from irritable bowels to digesting problems and associated serious health problems. An intestine cleared from residue and toxic substances is the way to health and well-being, to balance and to happiness.

What is CCSTM

The medical and therapeutic concept of the CCS is a pleasant and at the same time intensive cleaning and decontamination of the colon, through subaqua intestinal baths together with specially selected additives tailored to the individual specific situation as well as special abdominal massage. The medical techniques have been specially developed to ensure maximum hygiene and comfort. Deposits are removed and the natural flow of the intestine restored.


"Illness and death sit in the intestine'. (Meschnikoff 1845 1916). A healthy and functioning intestine forms the basis for a healthy body!

Today's nutrition consists predominantly of refined, denatured and chemically altered foodstuffs, rich in animal fats and roughage. Toxic substances in the environment and food production as well as medicines such as blood pressure medication or antibiotics put further pressure on the intestinal system's fragile equilibirum. The result is reduced digestive activity and insufficient absorption = a reduced intake of vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

Excretion material which remains in the digestive system for too long, becomes drawn into the fermentation and decomposition processes in the intestine, resulting in an increase in anaerobic bacteria and poisons.

The CCSTM effectively removes stagnating and accumulated residues from the intestine walls in the various phases of digestion. An increase in bacterial poisons is prevented, relieving pressure on the liver. The removal of old layers of mucous, dead cell material and parasites help improve the intestinal peristalsis. Organic and digestive complaints such as wind, constipation, diarrhoea and other symptoms of irritable bowels are reduced noticeably.

Why decontamination?

Certain bacteria split vitamins which are absorbed by the large intestine and stored in the liver. In addition to vital substances the liver also stores poisons from bacterial metabolism (Indol, Skatol, Cresol, Phenol) which are then broken down and expelled through the kidneys and intestine. Intestinal bacteria also cause fermentation. The gasses freed (hydrogen and methane) are absorbed and breathed out through the lungs. Haltiosis can be therefore be a symptom of stagnating and fermenting contents of the intestines. Migraine, allergies, irritation and poor nutrition can therefore also be a consequence of toxic deposits in the large intestine and the liver. This results in a reduced immune system, manifesting itself in increased infection, frequent colds, headache, exhaustion et cetera.

The cleaning and decontamination of the colon and the other organs in the intestinal tract improve the intake and effect of medication, and dosages can sometimes be reduced substantially. Important vital substances such as serotonin are produced in the intestine.

Nutritional changes to improve digestion can then only be successful when previous residues in the intestine are eliminated.

The Colon Clean SystemTM ( CCSTM )

1.Pleasant subaqua intestinal baths using specially developed medical technology and the healing waters of the Trias-sea (brine) enable a systematic and accelerated cleaning and decontamination of the intestinal system.

2.Decontamination and removal von deposits and toxic material in the body through the intestine.
a) Relief from pathological fungal attack, parasite (worms, leeches etc.)

3.Re-establishment of normal intestinal functions.

4.Intestinal fungal prophylaxis — 30% of the population suffer from fungal infections of the intestine, in
particular yeast fungi, which settle in the intestine, multipy and can lead to serious intestine dysfunctions.

5.Further decontamination systems for other organ systems which we have developed since 1990:
a) decontamination of the liver and pancreas
b) decontamination of the lung and respiratory system (removal of nicotine)
c) decontamination of muscles and connective tissues
d) decontamination of the lymphatic system
e) decontamination of the hormonal glands
f) decontamination of the brain metabolism

The CCSTM cleaning and decontamination systems stimulates the metabolism of crucial organs and have a positive influence on the recovery of the human-organism. The result of a successful decontamination can often be seen in a reduction in weight and and a youthful appearance of 3 to 5 years younger.

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