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ISPA Keynote Speaker Peter Burwash

More than 3,000 attendees flooded the Venetian Resort November 8th-11th The event featured four enlightening keynote speakers, whose expertise lies outside the spa industry.

Philosopher and performing artist Chungliang Al Huang was the special guest speaker at the opeing ceremony during Monday's General Session. As founder-president of the Living Tao Foundation, he is a renowned speaker in the field of human potentiality, human diversity, and creative dynamism in global business. Recognized artist and corporate consultant Eric Wahl shared his "Art of Vision" on Wednesday, and Thursday mountain climber Jamie Clark led the final General Session

Peter Burwash, the top-rated Professional Development Session speaker at ISPA's 2003 Conference returned this year as keynote. Burwash, a best-selling author and world-renowned tennis coach, discussed "Improving the Landscape of Your Life Through Better Leadership at Home and Work." Among Burwash's recommendations:

1. Make health the foundation of your life
2. Develop a good attitude
3. Get out of your comfort zone
4. Simplify your life
5. Treat people as they want to be

Burwash left the audience with some spa specific advise as well: "Deliver what you promise. If you say something works, be real. We will lose our credibility as an industry if we promise falsely."