LaVida Massage Opens New Location in South Carolina

LaVida Massage of HanahanLaVida Massage, a national massage franchise, has opened its newest store, LaVida Massage of Hanahan (South Carolina), which is the first—and only—massage center in the area. Specialized modalities include Swedish and relaxation treatments, couples’ sessions, deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, chair massages, corporate massages, oncological-focused therapies, and more. Opening with strong community and charitable ties, the new center welcomed a therapist who recently overcame breast cancer, Mary Jeffries, who worked in the therapeutic massage industry for 12 years, but lost her previous job due to scheduling conflicts while enduring treatments. “Undergoing radiation therapy physically weakened and fatigued me,” says Jeffries. “Once I completed all of my treatments, I immediately wanted to get back into work doing what I’m passionate about, but knew I wouldn’t be able to complete a full shift. LaVida has been more than willing to work with my needs as I venture back into work, and really welcomed me in as a sort of family.” In an effort to help others, who’ve experienced health struggles, and to encourage and assist in Jeffries recovery, LaVida Massage of Hanahan is donating to the cancer charity of her choice for every massage she does with LaVida, throughout the next two years. “Mary’s story really inspired us,” says Wes Atkinson, co-owner and operator of LaVida of Hanahan. “We are committed to a business of not only health and wellness but also of community and family ties, and when she reached out to us for employment, we were honored to add her on to our team.” 

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