Skin care isn't just about taking care of the body, it starts with taking care of all that surrounds the body, including the environment. That's why Les Nouvelles Esthétiques is "going green."

The magazine's Dallas-based printing company, Motheral, uses soy ink in its printing. In addition, all used press plates, as well as unused paper and ink, are recycled. In their Coral Gables, FL, office, LNE employees use recycled paper products for the bathroom and lunchroom. They also reuse paper and limit paper usage by keeping files electronic and sending e-mails rather than snail mail, when possible. The in-house printer cartridges are also recharged to be used again. To conserve energy, the staff makes sure to use only necessary lighting during business hours, and all lights and computers are turned off at night. Furthermore, state-of-the-art thermostats control the air-conditioning units to prevent unnecessary usage, and awnings shade all glass doors and windows, which are tinted, helping to reduce the need for air-conditioning. Some other things the staff at LNE does to conserve are carpooling, recycling glass and plastic, and purchasing organically grown foods.

"We feel that by doing what we can to protect the environment, we are also taking care of our readership and future generations," says Monica Schuloff Smith, LNE editor in chief. "At LNE, we all try to make any extra effort to make our surroundings environmentally friendly and hope to inspire others to do the same," she adds.

All of LNE's efforts to be more eco-friendly do not comprise the quality of the magazine. Recycled paper is not used for the magazine's pages because of discoloration and the ease with which it tears due to the breakdown of fibers during the recycling process. This is not the product that the magazine wishes to sell to its readers nor the quality it feels its advertisers deserve. However, LNE's staff works hard to ensure that they are doing their part to take care of the environment and their surroundings.

The American edition of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques has been in circulation since 1985 and is the only monthly publication in the industry devoted to skin care and spa professionals. The focus of the magazine's articles is to educate skin care and spa professionals in all aspects of the beauty industry.

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques was founded more than 50 years ago in Paris, France. With a global network of 19 publications and more than 22 trade shows worldwide, the company remains the largest international source for esthetics and spa professionals.

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