Tim SandersFormer Yahoo! executive Tim Sanders will be a keynote speaker at the 2005 ISPA Conference in Dallas Sept. 30-oct 3. Sanders is author of the recently-released book The Likeability Factor as well as the international bestseller Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends. Sanders will share with attendees how to achieve life dreams by improving their likeability factor through friendliness, relevance, empathy and realness.

Sanders' message is that "emotionally attractive" people get farther in the workplace. Defined as exuding a sense of joy, happiness, and relaxation, emotionally attractive individuals are high in what Sanders calls the L-factor or the likeability factor. "When people want to be around you, that is truly the secret of a charmed, happy, and profitable life,' says Sanders.

Sanders says the idea of likeability crosses all types of businesses. He told TIME reporter Andrea Sachs, 'There are many companies I work with that have abolished unfriendliness. They actually call the system IONU: I observe no unfriendliness. What it means is that unfriendliness will never be tolerated.'

Sanders' Steps for Raising L-factor:

1. Be friendly. Communicate welcome. Smile often.
2. Be relevant. Connect to others wants and needs.
3. Be empathetic. Understand how others feel and think.
4. Be real. Don't be a phony. Be factual and actual.