Los Angeles Times Features Article on Spa Lifestyle Programs

A recent article by Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Valli "Illuminate, exfoliate," features spa lifestyle programs "for clients hoping to cure insomnia, combat stress, cleanse negative energy, and keep track of feelings about aging, eating and self-esteem.

Spas with innovative lifestyle programs featured in the article include:

Canyon Ranch offers a wide range of lifestyle programs, including preventive medicine, healing energy ('acuphoria,' reiki, healing touch), astrology readings, handwriting analysis and a shamanic journey.

Exhale Spa in Santa Monica has wellness coaching, which includes a class on developing life management skills and acu-energetic therapy to reduce stress with a mix of acupuncture, reiki and guided visualization.

Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village combines traditional spa services along with wellness programs at the in-house California Health & Longevity Institute. In addition to top ranking medical care and lifestyle counselors, guests can get a detox body wrap and a body-fat scan to deliver a more scientific measurement of your well-being.

Golden Door in Escondido offers 20 different 'inner focus' classes in which participants can engage in art therapy through clay sculpting, meditative walking, journaling, or qi gong and breathing exercises to aid the immune system and the mind.

Murad Health Center in El Segundo has a 34-page client questionnaine that ranges from the physical "Have ever had heart problems? to the metaphysical, "Do you have any meaningful plans for the rest of your life?"

Oaks at Ojai offers a sexuality seminar led by Pamela Madison, founder of a Santa Barbara women's sexuality center, 'It's a great setting,' she says. 'The women are not in their daily life. They are there to relax, to take care of themselves and to be nurtured.'

Qua Baths at Caesars's Palace offers the Qua's Dream Interpretation Journey--a 50-minute, $130 session in which a dream coach (a clinical psychologist) interprets your subconscious.

"It may be rehab-lite, but as more patrons find emotional relief, spas are actively blending rubs and scrubs meant to pamper with programs that tackle the psychological toll of life," says Herman. "Spas have become our gurus on mountaintops."