Lotus Wei Launches Flower Power App

Lotus Wei, a company that produces elixirs, mists, and serums from flower essences, has launched a free iPhone and iPad app available for download at the iTunes or Apple stores. The mobile tool will have three main features: the Flower Alchemy Section helps users keep track of Lotus Wei products and plots line graphs that chart moods. The Special Message section allows users to download more than 100 inspirational messages, such as “Recognize the strength in being gentle” and “You’re among friends.” The Flower Reading section includes personalized flower readings based on user preferences, and quizzes about gemstones, flowers and colors.

“Lotus Wei’s app takes our ‘choose your flower’ concept to the next level,” says Lotus Wei founder and flower alchemist Katie Hess. “The mobile tool works equally well for individuals and spas wanting to take advantage of trend towards customizable wellness and spa programming.”