LPG Lowers Prices, Putting a New Face on Endermologie Technology

E6 Massager

  • New E6 model offers spa entrepreneurs dramatically better value at a lower price.

  • The most recent generation of the world's #1 body treatment technology, the FDA cleared E6, now includes automated programming for both body and face beautification — offering a comprehensive aesthetic business solution.

  • Space-sensitive and lightweight, the streamlined, ergonomic E6 is now more efficient than ever - with 42 treatments for women and 25 for men.

LPG has just announced U.S. pricing for the new 2007 E6 Endermologie technology, the latest incarnation of LPG's unmatched 20 year legacy as the world leader in connective tissue technology. With its targeted programming for spa entrepreneurs, the E6 is celebrated as the least expensive technology at the single greatest value LPG has ever launched!

With an average U.S. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of almost $12,000.00 less than the Cellu M6 Keymodule I medical class, the E6 seamlessly blends the best aesthetic features of face and body technologies into one beautiful little package. With more full service spa face and beauty luxury services for both men and women and fewer therapeutic and sport treatments, the E6 programming also integrates a previous generation facial technology that retailed at $19,000.00.

The starting U.S. MSRP of the new 2007 E6 is $19,995 (including shipment, full training and marketing materials), making it the ultimate in value and performance for professional aesthetic technology.

Along with lower prices and added content, the pricing strategy for the 2007 E6 will result in extremely strong incentives for first-generation ES1 trade-in values and competitive monthly payments. 'Offering spa business owners more value for their dollar was a prime consideration in the development of the new E6,' said Maurice Dubuc, Vice President of Business Development for LPG. 'With state-of-the-art technology, the flexibility for a variety of FDA cleared aesthetic applications, and the top government safety ratings, the 2007 E6 continues the LPG tradition of offering premium technologies, only now without the premium price," says Dubuc.

Completely redesigned, engineered and scientifically tested in a digital environment, the E6 features 6 ergonomic treatment heads and an energy-absorbing, environmentally friendly engine. The four powerful body modules designed for intensive body shaping and cellulite reduction (two with computerized, programmable 'Smart-heads' and two precision 'Active-heads') work concurrently with two mobile flap facial anti-aging treatment heads. The patented 'Smart-head' technology has dual-deployment of fully independent front and rear modules for tri-dimensional, deep tissue stimulation and speed and rotation differentials ('Roll-In, Roll-Out, Roll-Up') to dramatically increase precision, yielding faster results. Ergonomic with a unique front-grip hand-piece, the E6 is also conveniently angled for right or left-handed use.

Seamlessly blending refined, timeless elegance and efficacy, the E6 is space-sensitive and lightweight for easy maneuvering in confined spa spaces. The embedded motherboard infrastructure enhancements include 42 pre-programmed, gender-specific applications and a user friendly, interactive display interface with visual effects, LCD touch-screen technology and 'real time feedback' of results. A Flash memory and Windows hard drive based USB port were even developed, allowing for periodic software updates.

For greater technician performance and consistency, the E6 comes fully-equipped with an Electroacoustic feature that utilizes rhythmic tempo to modulate treatment precision. But let's not forget ambiance — the sleek, state-of-the-art design and neutral, organic color scheme of the E6 also perfectly caters to spa-seekers who yearn for quiet relaxation. A noise dampening system ensures a soundless performance while a futuristic, digital audio sound system with multiple music play-list capabilities are guaranteed to make Endermologie treatments to a spa-owners' ears.

LPG's innovative, world-leading aesthetic technologies are used on about 100,000 people every day. Founded 20 years ago by Louis Paul Guitay, LPG today is the world leader in cellulite treatments and connective tissue technology in all major global markets. LPG's targeted E6 technologies and new training program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable, quantifiable, scientifically-proven results, while enhancing the overall treatment experience for end-users. Endermologie E6 devices are marketed and distributed by LPG, 801 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida. For additional information, contact LPG at 800-222-3911 or visit www.lpgone.com or www.endermologie1.com