LPG USA, manufacturer of Endermologie body contouring, and Cosmecanique facial toning technologies has selected Preston Wynne Success Systems to provide business consulting services for purchasers of its state-of-the art
equipment. 'We are very pleased have Preston Wynne join our team!', reports Thierry Philippe, president of LPG USA. 'Our company understands that spa owners and technicians need business help along with breakthrough technology to be successful today. LPG wants to provide its customers with the best of both of these advantages.'

The Preston Wynne Fast-Track Business Success program offered through LPG provides from 2 to 6 hours of cutting-edge business management strategies, depending on the initial purchase total. Preston Wynne's goal is to show the savvy spa customer how to immediately discover revenue opportunities that already exist within their present business that's typically overlooked. 'We show LPG clients how to quickly access a source of new cash that will more than cover the cost of their LPG devices,' says Douglas Preston, president of Preston Wynne Success Systems. 'Our goal is to help the client business make a lot more profit even if they never use their LPG equipment at all! That makes the cost of a CelluM6 TM or Lift6 TM remarkably affordable.'

Preston Wynne Success Systems is one of the leading spa and salon business consulting companies in North America, having helped over 200 large and small operations improve management, sales, and bottom-line performance. Clients include Park Hyatt Hotels Stillwater Spas, Estée Lauder Spas, Gold's Gym, and many others.

For more information, contact Douglas Preston at 1-866-792-8786