Luxury Spa Company Blazes Ahead with Eco Friendly Hot Tubs

In an age when going green is deemed paramount, Dimension One Spas is leading the environmental crusade in the home hot tub market by creating products that exemplify sustainable luxury. D1 Spas bring wellness to the backyard by offering a diverse line of high-end hot tubs and swim spas that are good for the body and good for the planet. The line's earth-friendly features include:

- 100% foam insulation so spas use up to 85% less energy than traditional in-ground, non-insulated hot tubs!

- Hot tub and swim spa exteriors are made with recycled plastic milk containers. This 100% recycled material is environmentally stable (HDPE), does not give off any harmful fumes and requires no staining or painting.

- The industry's first water purification system that not only uses Ultraviolet light combined with ozone as a germicidal agent to reduce chemical usage, but also returns 84% of its power back to the water as heat.

- D-1's patented 5-step filtration system using earth-friendly options like an Ozonator, UV light, a zinc and silver mineral cartridge, and a filter requires less chlorine to stay pure than is contained in most city drinking water and uses less electricity than a 100 watt bulb!

- Proof of energy efficiency: while prices for these luxury hot tubs range from $15,000 to $40,000; monthly heating costs are only $15 to $25!

Known for its design innovation, D-1 Spas has secured over 30 patents in its 30 years of operation, providing home owners with premiere lifestyle accessories that underscore an eco-savvy mentality as much as an affinity for the good life. D-1 Spas thinks out-of-the-box to help consumers honor the environment in ultimate aquatic style.

Dimension One's extensive green features are deemed the real deal by Michael Galica, owner of the Marin Outdoor Living showroom in Northern California. Environmental advocate Galica, who fills his sleek and eco-friendly San Francisco Bay-area showroom with cutting-edge products including 100% clean-burning fireplaces, UV fighting sunshades and wood furniture approved by the Forest Council, carries just one line of hot tubs D1 Spas.

Bob Hallam, CEO and founder of Dimension One sets the tone for innovations at the company. 'Our green initiative began in earnest in 1999 when we first built our own facility here in Vista, he explains. We worked closely with our local electric company to make sure the building was energy efficient and we were also able to custom design the factory to provide the most efficient production possible. And our spa designers love to rise to the challenge of constantly improving our products, he continues. 'It's not enough to just to sit back and admire our eco-friendly accomplishments. At every level of our organization employees are constantly bringing new sustainability ideas to the table. At D1 being green is an attitude, and we will never stop getting better.'

Specifics of how D-1 Spas are good for the body and the planet:


- Hydronomics: D1's extensive study of human anatomy, ergononmics, fluid mechanics, aquatic massage, acupressure, and reflexology led them to the development of a new field they named 'hydronomics.' Using state-of-the-art modeling software, D1 engineers design hot tubs in virtual space, giving them unprecedented control over materials, and thus ensuring the ultimate in comfort.

- Dynamic Massage Sequencer: Introduced in 1999, DMS was the world's first programmable hydrotherapy massager. The built-in massager focuses on 6 specific therapy zones and offers pause and speed controls.

- Ultralounge: This 'spa-within-a-spa' lounge chair-inspired section of the tub features patented Bioform seating in a no-float design, sculpted leg contours and acupressure therapy for wrists and hands, providing the ultimate in full-body hydrotherapy.

- Neck Jet Pillow: The first and only height-adjustable spa neck jet pillow.

Aquatic Fitness Systems: The AquaFit 19 Dual Temp, the line's flagship model, is the ultimate hybrid of fitness and hydrotherapy. The unique 19-foot high-tech tub makes it possible to swim stationary laps; row for a robust upper body and arm workout; attach specially designed bands for resistance training; run or jog in place for cardiovascular conditioning all in cooler water -- and then when your routine is done, muscles can be soothed with a relaxing hydrotherapy body massage in the hot tub section of the pool. This watery workout is an ideal environment for low impact exercises to tone, shape and enhance flexibility, while the body is suspended in buoyant security. Ideal for weekend warriors; aging boomers; overweight exercisers and athletes needing rehabilitation the AFS retails for about $37,000.


- EnviroTect--The Ultralife slip-resistant interior of each tub is surrounded by a durable, all-weather exterior made from 100% recycled plastic. EnviroTect is the most environmentally-friendly exterior available for spas today. This 100% recycled material is environmentally stable (HDPE), does not give off any harmful fumes and is highly recommended by the Healthy Building Network, a national organization of green building professionals and environmental health activists. EnviroTect requires virtually no maintenance and unlike wood, the all-weather EnviroTect requires no staining or painting.

- Vision System Cartridge: The Vision System offers D1 spa users a natural clean water alternative to harsh, chemical-based filter systems. The Vision Cartridge uses silver catalyst technology to kill 99.96% of bacteria on contact. One Vision cartridge lasts up to 6 months, significantly reducing chemical maintenance.

- So much less Chlorine: D-1 water management technology cuts down the need for chlorine in their spa water from 3-5 parts per million to 1 ppm, which means no more dry, itchy skin; faded swimwear, irritated eyes or strong odors from chlorine. In fact, the San Diego City municipal water report shows that the local drinking water has more than 300% more chlorine concentration than what is required in a D1 tub.

- D-1's five part earth-friendly, complete UltraPure PLUS Water Management system purifies the spa water 24/7 and includes the smart use of an ozonator, a Germicidal UV light, minerals, chlorine (to totally eliminate surface bacteria) and a filter. D-1's patented system provides the cleanest, clearest spa water in the industry', customers even say the water is so clean it's polished. Without this balanced, carefully engineered system more chemicals and maintenance time would be required and the water would still not look as clean and clear.

Fast Flo Heater: The most durable and reliable spa heater on the market. The variable output on this stainless steel heater provides optimal heat recovery and lower energy consumption.

100% Insulated: In 1981 D1 Spas was the first company to manufacture a fully insulated spa for in-ground or above-ground use. Today their hot tubs are 100% foam insulated with closed-cell urethane -- like commercial freezers -- not only absorbing equipment noise for the quietest operation possible, but also minimizing heat loss to ensure the lowest energy costs. Additionally, high-density foam covers are precision fitted with linear heat seal seams to prevent heat loss. D1 spas and swim spas use up to 85% less energy than traditional in-ground, non-insulated pools!

HydraMax Pumps: Every D1 aquatic massage system is backed by powerful HydraMax aquatic jet pumps. These pumps are expertly engineered and plumbed for 100% efficiency. This means a smaller, more efficient and nearly silent pump that retains the jet power of its larger counterparts.