Marshall Plan Offers Cost-Effective Options for Social Media Success

As the country's original Public Relations firm for spas and the wellness industry, The Marshall Plan is offering three cost-effective services to help companies use Social Media Marketing to boost sales while promoting & protecting their brand.

Social Media Marketing or Web 2.0 —- online communication networks that include blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Digg, You Tube, etc. — has become an essential competitive advantage in today's crowded marketplace, and the spa industry is no exception. However, the learning curve can be quite daunting to companies who understand that they should become part of the online conversation but are not exactly sure how to make the best use of their time and efforts.

The Marshall Plan — a 15-year-old marketing and communication firm that has created memorable and effective PR and branding campaigns for over 40 hotels, resorts, spas, destinations, chefs, authors, products and designers — is offering three user-friendly options for giving spa companies a voice in the Web 2.0 world and a clearer presence among traditional media:

TMP will use a company's existing marketing materials -- Website, brochures, press releases -- and teach their marketing point person how to use key elements of their brand differentiators to regularly dispense news & highlights via Social Media avenues.

The price Includes:
? 1-Hour Social Media Coaching Session including video & photo.
? Creation of Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account, Google Business Profile & Yelp Profile.
? 1 Week of Social Media Correspondence.
? Follow-Up Report & Phone Review of Results.

TMP will use their extensive experience in journalism and copywriting to craft a newsworthy story for each client and make sure it gets in front of the right media venues. The education component is also included along with two full weeks of proactive communications.

The price includes:
? All "Getting Started" Services.
? 1 Overall Press Release & Distribution to National & Local Consumer & Trade Press.
? Blog Set-Up & 1st Post.
? 2 Weeks of Social Media Correspondence.
? Follow-Up Report & Phone Review of Results.

This big picture option brings the company's marketing team together to create a Six Month Action Plan that includes standard p.r. tactics as well as Social Media tools to focus on key profit & buzz-building strategies.

Price Includes:
? All "Getting Started" & "Telling Your Story Services.
? Half-Day Visioning Session with Road Map of results-driven Action Items for the next six months.
? Follow-Up Report & Phone Review of Results.

For more details about The Marshall Plan and its services, please visit For questions contact Kim Marshall at 310-452-1234 or [email protected]