Massage Therapy Is Shown to Help in the Recovery Process of Breast Surgery Patients

While it should come as no surprise to anyone in the industry that massage provides numerous healing benefits, the International SPA Association Foundation recently reported the findings of a new study revealing that massage provides stress relief, relaxation, and pain relief to patients who have undergone breast surgery. Barb Thomley, coordinator of outpatient services in the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN), conducted the research. She was the recipient of the 2010 Ruth Stricker Spa and Wellness Award, which is given to encourage research into the ways that spas can meet current healthcare needs, promote wellness, and enhance quality of life. Her research initiative measured the effect of massage therapy on breast surgery patients. Patients were offered a massage a day after their surgeries and were questioned on the effectiveness of the treatment.

76 percent found the treatment very effective in providing stress relief

82 percent found it very effective in providing relaxation

64 percent found it very effective and 31 percent found it somewhat effective in providing pain relief

82 percent found it very effective in providing a general feeling of wellness

According to ISPA Foundation president Jeff Kohl, "The more insight we have into the positive effects of spa treatments, the more we can educate the public and healthcare industry to make spa visits a part of their wellness routines."