2013 Plastic Surgery Predictions

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Ashkan Ghavami, M.D., an internationally recognized authority on aspects of plastic surgery, predicts that the most popular surgeries for the rest of 2013 will be the following:

  • Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation. This surgical technique can take as little as 25 minutes but allows for recovery to be less than 24 hours.
  • Ethnic Rhinoplasty. Until recently beauty standards considered that a small European-shaped nose was the most preferred surgical result. Now people want a more natural improvement that reflects their heritage and is still in proportion to their face.
  • S-Curve Buttock Lift. Excess fat from throughout the body, especially around the waist is being used to define the buttock and S-Curves while emphasizing the whole body shape. In this procedure, fat cells are transferred to shape and curve the derriere.
  • Deeper Facelift Techniques. There will be a return to true facial shaping via surgical techniques that last and can be virtually unnoticeable.

Says Ghavami, “We live in an extraordinary time when anybody can surgically change and improve the shape and features of their body and face and still look natural, and keep it a secret."