5 Med Spa Treatments Brides Should Consider Before the Big Day

Wedding planning is extremely stressful and time consuming, but every bride wants to look stunning and walk down the aisle with confidence. Medical spas should offer treatments on a timeline for brides, so the client can look her best on the big day. Here's a rundown of when to perform what. 

One month prior to the wedding:

  • Non-Surgical Facelift: If your client wants to look youthful and radiant on her wedding day but doesn’t want to go under the knife, suggest having her do the Silhouette InstaLift. Using sutures and bi-directional cones, Insta-Lift will re-contour her face without any scarring or bruising. Over time, the sutures will naturally be absorbed into the body, producing new collagen. This in-office procedure typically takes 45 minutes to complete, but your client will begin to see results immediately. 


  • Reversal Skin Damage: Make sure your client is photo-ready with Halo by Sciton. This new hybrid fractional laser treatment uses dual technology to eliminate sun damage, pigmentation, aging skin issues, texture, and fine lines. The deep, dermal rejuvenation treats the bottom and top layer of the epidermis, and the integrated cooling system makes it completely comfortable and safe. 


  • Short Recovery Time: Want to cut your client’s pre-wedding procedure recovery time in half? The Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar formula was created to work with the skins natural progression in regenerating new skin, and it will support the healing process by producing even healthier collagen and elastin. Suggest that your client puts this on two weeks prior, so her skin clears unwanted debris and is ready for her procedure.


24 hours before:  

  • Glowing Results:  Dermaflash not only eliminates small, soft hair, but it exfoliates skin as well and removes dead skin cells and vellus hair. 


The day of:

  • Prep Her Face: Your client will be dousing her skin with makeup and other products on her wedding day. To ensure her skin has a nice smooth texture, suggest having her do a deep cleanse with the NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash. This product has two acids: Glycolic and Lactobionic. This product has 18 percent Glycolic Acid and 2 percent Lactobionic Acid. Both these acids combined will help keep your client’s dead skin sloughed off and aid in the cell renewal process. Remember it's best to test new products for any skin sensitivities prior to major events. 


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