6 Surprising Signs of Aging

tips for healthy aging for women

When it comes to modern romance, dating over 40 delivers one sure thing, anxiety and this is because competition is fierce and some women often feel they must fib about their age. With the proliferation of online dating sites and photoshopping, it’s not uncommon for women to shave 10 or more years off.  As more and more women strive to keep themselves looking young through a myriad surgical procedures, minimally invasive options, and popular fitness trends, men are often thrown off. “You can’t tell from a picture on a dating site. When you meet in person that is when truth is told; but today’s women are really maintaining themselves,” says Miami-based longevity expert, Michael Hall, M.D. “Through super nutrients, topical, hormones and injections, it’s possible for a 44 year-old woman to appear to be 32 and lie. I have female patients on therapies that include regular Hydrafacials, Yag laser, Dermapen and estradiaol injections specifically to maintain youthful skin. However, aging is inevitable and with a discerning eye you can tell a woman’s true age.” Here are what Hall flags as true-age giveaways.


Her Hands.

Sure she may have a nice manicure but look at her knuckles, nail beds, and where hands meet the wrist. As women age, veins become more prominent due to thinning, aging skin becomes thinner due to a loss of fat and muscle. Hall suggests that women use creams with SPF 50 or above, the same cream they put on their face is fine. He also suggests regular hand exercises one can do at the desk to maintain muscle. Radiesse filler may be used to plump up the tissue.


Her Chest.

Sunspots, wrinkling and thinning fat at the décolletage is an age giveaway. A woman older than 40 was a teenager in the ‘80s, a time when sun worship was the norm. Sun damage is now catching up with freckles, sunspots, and a wrinkly leathery appearance to skin in this area. Even with breast augmentation the skin above and in the middle of the breasts is often neglected. Hall suggests a regimen of Intense Pulsed Light along with Vitamin C and pyruvate serum, which enhances skin elasticity, finer texture and solvency.


Her Feet.

Years of heels, boots, flip flops, and sun exposure without sunscreen plus a loss of fat at the heels leave aging feet bony with cracks and calluses. Since toenails are often painted it is hard to see the quality of the toenail, which is not only a tell tale sign of aging but a sign of illness, fungal infection or deficiency. However Hall calls attention to the toes and heels. Using a pumice stone in the shower daily, followed by applying Hawaiian Kukui Nut oil after shower and before bed makes a huge difference. Also including more Vitamin C and orthosilic acid found in supplements and fruits such as papaya and pineapple helps improve skin texture from the inside out.


Her Ears.

Ears continue to grow as we age. Even if a woman is blessed with small ears, years of wearing earrings may have thinned and stretched out earlobes. Many women are having costly procedures done to re-stitch then re-pierce ears, lift and shorten ear lobes. Hall reminds women to extend moisturizer with SPF to their ears.  Juvederm XC filler may be used to plump them too.


Her Elbows.

This is an incredibly difficult place to hide age. Sun exposure, loss of elasticity, and accumulation of dead dry skin are all to blame for loose, dull skin at the elbows. Hall reminds women to drink water and remain hydrated, exfoliate elbows often, and apply a more a sturdy emollient skin cream with lanolin morning and night.


Her Knees.

This is harder to detect with women who do weight or isometric training. Still, skin laxity increases giving way to the appearance of a crease around the knee joint or inside of the knee. Skin also gathers here due to gravity and if she worshipped the sun at 17, wrinkly knee skin will start to appear as early as 35.  Using Cutera’s Titan infrared therapy will boost skin elasticity and prevent sagging.

“I applaud women who are really mindful about how they care for their bodies, both inside and out over the course of their lives,” says Hall. “The key is moderation and of course eating well, avoiding an overindulgence of alcohol, refined sugars, salt, white carbohydrates, and adding super-nutrient supplements along with holistic therapies that combine Eastern and Western practices are most effective.  Also having a positive outlook on life, enjoying more and stressing less makes women eternally radiant and internally happy.”