Almirall and Leo Pharma Team Up to Fight Skin Diseases

michaeljung/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

Almirall and Leo Pharma are joining forces to advance dermatology research by setting a new standard for skin sampling. Together, Almirall and Leo aim to develop at sampling method that is minimally invasive and painless but also allows for an accurate and comprehensive biomarker analysis in clinical trials and exploratory research. “We are very pleased with this collaboration with LEO Pharma, which will provide the scientific community with new tools to understand and treat skin diseases. This project is another step in gaining a deeper understanding of these pathologies so that, in the future, we will be able to provide solutions to cover healthcare professionals and patients unmet needs,” says Eduardo Sanchiz, CEO of Almirall. The research will be conducted at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, the Technical University of Denmark, and the University of Bath. “Our unique collaboration has the potential to help patients and indeed the entire scientific community in dermatology as we work towards a common goal of advancing understanding of skin diseases,” says Gitte Aabo, CEO and president of LEO Pharma.