Botox for Breasts

Botox is being used these days for everything from curing migraines to stifling sweating. Now, a New York City plastic surgeon has developed another procedure in which the injectable plays a role. The brainchild of board-certified plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman, M.D., Botox-assisted breast augmentation is a new method that helps clietns who are getting breast augmentations experience less post-operative pain and more rapid results, accoding to Schulman. The procedure is done as a standard breast augmentation in which the implant is placed under the muscle, but this technique requires Botox to be injected into the muscle before the implant is placed. This paralyzes the chest muscle, resulting in less painful muscle spams that usually occur during hte healing process, and because the muscle is relaxed, the implant can drop into position faster. "In comparing breast augmentation cases done with and without Botox, our before-and-after photos show those surgeries done with Botox reveal one-month results of surgery done without Botox," says Schulman. "The most exciting outcome we have seen with Botox-assisted breast augmentation is the rapid achievement of the final cosmetic result."