Breakthroughs in Science of Hair Loss

Forget everything you've learned about hair loss. In this fact-filled webinar, you will get an in depth understanding of the newest research and breakthroughs in the science of hair loss and thinning. Learn the real root causes of hair loss, and how they differ for men vs. women. Understand how genetics and hormones are only but one part of a big puzzle. Learn how stress, environment, and inflammation — all contribute. 

Find out about the new "game changer" in anti-aging for hair, hair loss prevention and treatment. Learn about the newest advances in bio-technology that lead to the development of bio-active botanical nutraceuticals, standardized and clinically tested to combat the root causes of hair loss and thinning.

Tune in to the webinar about the newest research and breakthroughs in the science of hair loss.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Sophia Kogan: MD
Roland Peralta: Co-founder and President of Nutrafol 



We began questioning — and testing — the existing formulations. And found that the majority contained fillers, ineffectual dosages, inactive and untested ingredients, and ingredients of indeterminate sources.

We began examining — and challenging — the existing research, and as many doctors and hair specialists as we could, traveling the world for answers. The data only went so far, and lacked insight into the true underlying causes of compromised hair health — and a legitimate solution.

Our radical discoveries led us to the creation of NUTRAFOL®. The result of advanced science at the root of hair health, this breakthrough ‘smart’ supplement goes beyond simple hair nutrtion — delivering greater potency and benefits far exceeding those of vitamins and minerals — and is a significantly healthier solution than pharmaceuticals, with zero side effects.


And Living Proof of Its Power.

Having experienced serious hair loss ourselves, and unable to find anything on the market, despite product promises, we were driven to find a solution that was healthy and highly effective.