Brighter Brazil

Envy Medical and Libbs Farmaceutica today announced a strategic agreement to manufacture, market, and sell Envy’s proprietary Lumixyl Brightening Creme throughout Brazil. This is a significant milestone for Envy Medical’s professional skincare products, as it not only represents a significant agreement with Libbs, a leader in the sales and supply of pharmaceutical products, it also represents a solid entry into the largest single skincare market outside of the U.S. “The population of Brazil possesses a strong and growing demand for an effective alternative to hydroquinone, and particularly one without the side effects associated with prescription hydroquinone,” says Curtis A. Cluff, CEO of Envy Medical. “I am particularly excited to work with Libbs, as they are a major force and a partner of unparalleled capability, ethics and integrity."
Products that can effectively address hyperpigmentation and photo-damage are in demand in the country, which not only has a large Latin population more genetically disposed to hyperpigmentation issues, but also the largest population of Japanese decent outside of Japan. For women (and increasingly men) of either heritage, a clear, more even skin tone is culturally important in building a stronger sense of confidence and self-esteem. “We are pleased to bring this safe and effective skincare technology for brighter and more even skin-tone to the women and men of Brazil,” says Alcebíades de Mendonça Athayde Junior, CEO of Libbs. “The Lumixyl Brightening Creme has tested extremely well with our initial focus groups and dermatologists, both in terms of its efficacy and unique aesthetic qualities.”