California Doctor Introduces Cellulite Treatment

A primary cause of cellulite—small valleys of subcutaneous fat trapped by tight connective tissue anchors—can now be effectively treated using the Brennan Beach Bottom technique. H. George Brennan, M.D., a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, pioneered the surgery to reduce the dimpled appearance caused by the pressure of the fat against connective tissue anchors just below the skin. The more connective tissue anchors there are, the worse the cellulite appears. To smooth the surface of the skin, Brennan first cuts the anchors and frees the underlying tissue, repeating the process until the area has been completely released. He then injects small amounts of the patient's own fat, which contains stem cells, into each pocket and gently smoothes it to eliminate the dimples. "Cellulite is something doctors have been trying to treat for years," says Brennan. "We have tried creams, lasers, and a host of other procedures to rid patients of cellulite, but the only real way to eliminate it is by loosening the connective tissue and gently filling the valley or indentation with fat."

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