Chapin Aesthetics Offers MiraDry Procedure for Excessive Perspiration

Scott Chapin M.D., owner of Chapin Aesthetics.

MiraDry, an innovative procedure that eliminates underarm sweat and odor in as little as one treatment, is now available at Chapin Aesthetics (Doylestown, PA). With only a one to two hour appointment, this non-invasive procedure, which can reduce sweating by 80 to 90 percent, can provide a permanent solution to underarm perspiration. “Approximately 15 percent of patients will request a second treatment to completely treat hyperhidrosis and odor,” says Scott Chapin M.D., owner of Chapin Aesthetics.

The MiraDry procedure is performed by delivering controlled heat-based energy to remove sweat and odor glands that are prominent in the underarms. As a result, sweating is no longer an issue. Although, the procedure should be virtually painless, a minimal amount of local anesthetic is used for the patient’s comfort. This procedure does not require a recovery period.

Several years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved Miramar Labs MiraDry System for the removal and permanent reduction of unwanted underarm hair of all colors. The MiraDry System uses proprietary MiraWave technology, which delivers precisely controlled microwave energy to remove unwanted hair.