Comfortable Care

Pain—and the fear of pain—is one of the key factors that discourages patients from undergoing highly effective treatments, such as injectables and laser treatments. But there are several steps physicians can take to reduce pain during noninvasive cosmetic treatments and calm clients' anxieties. Speaking at the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery conference in Phoenix, Kenneth Arndt, M.D., of Skincare Physicians (Chestnut Hill, MA), shared the following tips to make patients more comfortable during treatment.

  • Talkesthesia. Talk to patients during treatment, reassure them and explain what you are doing throughout
  • Topical Anesthetic. Apply anesthetic 30 to 60 minutes prior to treatment
  • Cooling. Use built-in or external cooling during laser procedures and prior to administering injectables
  • Vibration Anesthesia. Use tools that vibrate skin during injection
  • The Sound of Music. Offer patients head phones to listen to music during treatment
  • Give a Pinch. Pinching skin prior to injection reduces patient’s perception of pain.

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