DermDash Offers Cosmetic Procedure Marketplace

dermdash online cosmetic procedure marketplace

Launched last month, DermDash is an online cosmetic procedure marketplace that allows users to schedule a free consultation before purchasing a service. Consultations have proven vital to the cosmetic procedure process. Patients are rarely comfortable scheduling a procedure that involves chemicals, lasers, injectables, and the like without meeting the practitioner ahead of time. "Patients need to meet with the physician prior to receiving the procedure to get an appropriate assessment of what they need," says Ben Behnam M.D., board certified dermatologist. "DermDash now allows users to schedule a free cosmetic consultation through the app with any of the doctors on the platform. Patients don't have to call the doctor's office and be placed on hold just to make an appointment."

Before DermDash, patients needed to schedule consultations in order to get a price quote from a doctor. That was easier said than done though; scheduling a consultation involved visiting doctors' websites, looking up reviews, and making phone calls. Savvy shoppers scheduled a number of consultations to compare prices and trustworthiness, which meant driving around the city to four or five appointments. DermDash solved the pricing problem by providing transparent, real-time pricing for cosmetic procedures, and ensures trustworthiness with the free consultation feature. The app provides comprehensive information about clinics and medical spas including pricing, reviews, and qualifications to help potential clients compare options. There's no limit to the number of consultations that a user can schedule. This freedom allows users to get a satisfying sense of each doctor and medspa and ultimately make the best decision.

DermDash is free and available in the Apple App store and at