DermDash Offers Cosmetic Procedure Marketplace

Launched last year, DermDash is an online cosmetic procedure marketplace that allows users to schedule a free consultation before purchasing a service. Consultations, which give patients a peek at the practice, have proven vital to the cosmetic procedure process. “Patients need to meet with the physician prior to receiving the procedure to get an appropriate assessment of what they need,” says CEO and board-certified dermatologist Ben Behnam, M.D. “DermDash now allows users to schedule a free cosmetic consultation through the app with any of the doctors on the platform. Patients don’t have to call the doctor’s office and be placed on hold just to make an appointment.”

Before DermDash, consultations were required to get a price quote from a doctor. With the free consultation feature, DermDash provides real-time pricing for cosmetic procedures, encouraging trustworthiness. The app also offers comprehensive information about clinics and medical spas, including reviews and qualifications, to help connect your medical spa with potential clients. There’s no limit to the number of consultations that a user can schedule, which allows users to get a satisfying sense of each doctor and medical spa and ultimately make the best decision.

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