Effective Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives

Cosmetic surgery is the common course of action for people who wish to look a certain way physically, but unfortunately couldn’t get their bodies to achieve it. People normally stay away from things that can possibly cause them physical pain, not to mention cost them a lot of money. Clearly that’s not the case for cosmetic surgery because people are still interested about going through certain procedures themselves. But with improved results from non-invasive procedures, patients are reconsidering and seeking out alternatives. Ralph Bieg, M.D., medical director of Pender Medi Spa (Vancouver, Canada) and Skincare Centre (Vancouver, Canada) specializes in Botox treatments and shared his top alternatives to common cosmetic surgery procedures that make good business sense to add to your medi spa menu.

Alternative to Tummy Tuck: CoolSculpting and Thermage

coolsculpting thermage resultsA tummy tuck is the procedure performed to remove excessive amounts of fat and unpleasant skin folds around the belly. Its goal is not just to reduce the waistline, but also to contour the area and make it firm and smooth. It usually involves liposuction and actual removal of the excess skin.

With CoolSculpting, a rectangular device that feels like a suction device is attached to the fatty area in the body. During the average one hour session, the machine is actually freezing the fatty cells beneath the skin. This crystallizes the cells and eventually kills them, allowing them to be naturally eliminated from the body.

Thermage is a skin-tightening procedure that uses radiofrequency. What’s great about it is it can really make a significant difference. It lifts saggy skin, smoothens and tightens wrinkles, and makes the skin look younger and healthier in general. It can be performed not just on the belly but also on the neck, beneath the jaw, thighs, and buttocks.


Alternative to Lip and Breast Implants: Collagen Injection

collagen lip injectionThere was a time when enhancement procedures for lips and breasts meant major surgery. People today are lucky because there’s now a more acceptable, and effective, alternative to breast and lip implants with lower risks and costs.

Collagen is commonly injected in small amounts around the face to smooth lines and wrinkles. When used for breast and lip enhancement, the location and amount of collagen injected is important for an attractive look; otherwise the results may not be as pleasant. Most people prefer it though because it is less invasive than implants. There is no recovery time required and patients can get back to their usual activities right after the injection is administered.


Alternative to Liposuction: Slimlipo

When liposuction was first introduced to the public, the procedure involved literally suctioning the excess fat off the body with a long, thick needle inserted into the areas of concern. A frightening prospect for many potential clients, but until recently alternatives did not provide competitive results.

Slimlipo allows patients to forgo the penetrative part of liposuction and proceed directly to fat removal. It uses a special type of laser to target adipose tissues to “melt” the fat and be disposed of naturally from the body. It is definitely a quicker procedure, has very short or even zero recovery period, and less painful for clients. Most importantly, it is easier for the cosmetic surgeon to control the intensity of the laser and the coverage of the laser treatment. This means there is a higher chance for the patient to achieve precisely the desired shape, an excellent selling point.


Alternative to Face Lift: Botox & Collagen

Traditional face lifts require significant downtime and when done improperly can produce unnatural, disfiguring results, but now there are many simpler procedures that can produce a youthful look without the risks. For fine lines and minor wrinkles, collagen can be an effective, instant option. But deeper wrinkles require Botox, which is one of the most popular alternatives to face lifts.

Like collagen, Botox is injected directly into skin that needs to be “lifted.” It tightens the skin and the tissue beneath it, effectively eliminating sags in the cheeks, forehead, and under the jaw. Both types of injections often require repeat visits to maintain the improved look, ensuring clients return.